Italy 2013


Our hotel overlooked the harbour with Mount Vesuvius brooding in the background. A visit to Naples Museum and a tour of Pompeii and Herculaneum were highlights of our visit.

2013 02 Pompeii N
2013 02 Naples Harbour N
2013 02 Naples Harbour 2N


One could spend weeks wandering the streets of Rome. We discovered the Borghese Gallery early in our stay and marvelled over the exquisite Bernini sculpture Apollo and Daphne. An historic and cultural icon but NO PHOTOS ALLOWED.

Trevi Fountain 2013
Pieta St Peters
2013 02 Rome Church Santa Maria del Vittoria 3287 N

Our visits to the Colosseum and the site of Ancient Rome was interrupted with rain.

Sandra at the Colosseum
Sandra at the Colosseum
Palantine Hill Rome
Arches Colosseum Rome 2013

The churches and basilicas are rich in ornamentation the like of which we have found nowhere else.

2013 02 Rome Church of Saint Ignatius N
2013 02 Rome Basilica dei SS Ambrogio e Carlo

Our stay in Rome coincided with the resignation of Pope Benedict and we joined the throngs who bade him farewell.
2013 02 27 Rome Resignation of a Pope 2330 N

Rome Pont Vittorio Emanuele II N
2013 02 Rome Approaching St Peters 3666 M








Milan Cathedral 7092



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