Thanks to all those who travelled with us and made this trip a wonderful experience.  On each of the pages, click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.

Please enjoy.
IMG_6613SMALL  IMG_6739 Fez to Erfoud  IMG_6680 Bhalil Cave Dwellings

IMG_7763 Tinghir  IMG_7308 Fez to Erfoud  IMG_7818 Todra Gorge Tinghir

IMG_7822 Todra Gorge Tinghir  IMG_7664 Ray and Camel Crossing  IMG_8099 House of the Imam

IMG_8123 House of the Imam IMG_8861 Marrakesh IMG_8911 Marrakesh IMG_8751 Marrakesh IMG_8725 Marrakesh

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